September 2011

Stephen King Writing Sequel to The Shining!

Can somebody please get me a paper bag, please? I think I’m going to hyperventilate. The Shining is only one of my top 20 favorite books of all time, and the idea of exploring Danny’s life as an adult after the harrowing childhood he had in the first book just—gah, I just gave myself shivers thinking about it.

But then again, you know how sequels can fail—and how they can grossly disappoint. I can think of dozens of sequels (okay, mostly films, but many books, too) that I wish simply had not existed (or I pretend to not exist, in order to maintain my perfect canon plots and relationships). And with the inklings of the book that King’s giving us, I have some mixed feelings about Dr. Sleep, the follow-up to his classic The Shining.